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Posted on Oct 10, 2007 in SF Bay Area Local, Shopping | 18 comments

Daiso opens in Mountain View after delay


I’ve confirmed that the Daiso store in Mountain View, CA finally opened on Monday, October 8 after a two-week delay. Reader Freecia checked it out and says they have a number of cheap bento boxes (both one-tier and two-tier) available.

Daiso (Mountain View)
550 Showers Ave. #1, Mountain View, CA, 94040 (near El Camino and San Antonio)
(650) 947-9320

Freecia notes: “Location is near Trader Joe’s, in the complex to the right of TJ, before the 24 Hour Fitness. For those who know the complex, a hobby shop used to be in that space. The shopping complex is maze-like and Daiso can’t be seen from the street.”

Daiso has a selection of cheap bento boxes, accessories, antibacterial bento sheets and food cups, freezer containers, cooking equipment, metal bento boxes, mini microwave steamers, stovetop fish/veggie grills, home products, dishes, hobby gear, children’s toys and books in Japanese, etc.



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  1. Oh, I’m so jealous. I have yet to drive up into WA to go to a Daiso, but it’s got to happen soon. Is there someplace I can beg for one to open in Portland?

  2. Now if only their website sold the 90,000+ items they claim… That would be awesome!

  3. YAAAAAAAAAAY! I’m gooooooooooing… tomorrow! ;) By any chance would you have any idea how big the MV Daiso is? Well.. I guess I will see for myself tomorrow. Thanks again for the info Biggie!

  4. That’s funny. I was just in the Lynnwood Daiso over the weekend doing some restocking of my kitchen.

  5. I am so jealous I wish I could get to one!!!!

  6. @1 from Devlyn: I wonder if they’ll open in Portland — it’s still West Coast, near a port for sea freight…

  7. @3 from FUYU: Sorry, I don’t know the square footage, it’s not up on their website yet. Let us know how huge/small you find it! :-)

  8. @4 from Jeff: Daiso lovers, unite!

  9. @6 from Sophie: I’ve got a post on how to use ice cream sandwich molds as hard-boiled egg molds here.

    The comments section has pretty extensive troubleshooting and Q&A. Key point: mold them while the egg is still HOT.

  10. @5 from natesgirl: Sorry, natesgirl, I don’t want to make people jealous, but I’m trying to weigh that with what kind of info is useful to local readers. Sorry!

  11. LOL! it’s ok I love all the info you post your site is Very informative I will have to plan vacations around daiso stores

  12. I got to visit briefly - ironically it opened that Sunday, and my wife and I had tried to go Saturday.

    It seemed pretty nice. Saw several bentos and useful equipment like cups, plus quite a lot of other gear.

  13. @13 from DragonScholar: How big would you say it felt? Comparable to Daly City and Union City? A lot smaller?

  14. We went to pay a visit! It’s not as big as the Daiso in Daly City, but it’s definately bigger than the one in Eastridge Mall.

    The bento box selection is bigger (than Eastridge) too- I’d say about the amount Daly City has, but they were lacking in bento goods. I only found two types of baran for example. They had lots of different sizes for okazu cups though.

  15. I’ve never been to one before so I can’t really comment. I agree with FUYU that they had a lot of nice components, but fewer bentos than I expected (I did see some “old school” ones on another display).

  16. @15 from FUYU: Thanks for the informative feedback!

  17. @16 from DragonScholar: Now I’m curious as to what you consider an “old school” bento box! :-)

  18. Anybody know what time they close on sundays?