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Posted on Sep 3, 2007 in admin, Bento, Equipment, Shopping | 48 comments

Orange Lock & Lock lunch sets


(EDIT: These are already sold out; please disregard. I’ll post again if I find more of these.) I don’t usually sell things directly, but yesterday I found seven of the rare Lock & Lock lunch sets that I use all the time and snatched them up in case anyone’s interested. They’re orange, and detailed product info is here. There are two 350ml rectangular food containers (one divided, one not), a 300ml drink container, and a non-insulated carrying bag with zipper and handles (click the photo for larger view). Safe for dishwasher, freezer and microwave; I’ve put mine through its paces for the last year+ and it’s held up unblemished. Unfortunately I found them overpriced at Kukje Supermarket, so I’m asking US$20 each plus shipping (I’ll ship internationally), payment preferably via PayPal. If you’re interested please shoot me an e-mail at lunchinabox (AT) gmail (DOT) com; first come first served.

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  1. I LOVE Lock and Locks. I have bunches of them. I am going looking for the lunch sets. Thanks.

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  3. Ooooh! This is very similar to the one that I have! I bought mine at H Mart in Aurora, Colorado. Mine is made in Korea by “Incense” and it is decorated with “The Family of Little Bunnies” who look very much like Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit only with a saxophone. I too have a non-insulated zipper bag, two food containers (one divided) and a drink container that I fill with water and freeze so that it doubles as an ice pack. I LOVE this little set and it is the one I use most often. We actually just went to H Mart today in the hopes of maybe finding another of these sets but they were sold out. :(

  4. Oh ya Kukje has had these for the last 2 months now ! I got mine about 2 months ago then I purchased one for stinky_harriet on Flickr at retail price. Love them!

  5. @3 from Beanbean: I’ve seen photos of that set — it looks exactly like mine, except for the fun characters. I wonder if Lock & Lock did an OEM deal…

  6. @4 from Summers Love: Actually, I didn’t buy all of them from Kukje — there was at least one left. Any SF Bay Area locals who want one should call Kukje and see if they still have them in stock. They’re very well designed.

  7. @7 from Beanbean: Ooh, and where do you get the 50% off Michaels coupon? I need a set of those big silicone liners.

  8. They should be in the Sunday section of the Chronicle. Just look through all the sales and coupon junk until you find the Michael’s flier. Because this is a holiday the 50% off coupon is only good today :( but…there IS a 40% coupon good for tomorrow through Saturday and then another that is good from 9/9 through that following week. 40% off is a good deal too! Good luck! (You might also look at the Michael’s website. I believe you can download coupons from the site as well.

  9. I’ve mentioned in the past that in Canada, lock & lock can be bought at Zellers (at least in Calgary).

    I did a bit more looking around, and it seems like it might depend on the store. In Calgary, you can find them at the Sunridge Zellers, but not at the Market Mall Zellers. (Or you couldn’t two weeks ago.) I have a feeling it’s something they’re just starting to bring in, though, so more store will maybe have them in the future.

    At any rate, they’ve got a pretty big selection at Sunridge, including ones like those pictured here, and a larger one that has two removeable inserts that have two sections each.

  10. Doh!!! Hehehe

  11. Oh, I’d love some but at 20 dollars plus international shipping they’re too pricy for me but I love the initiative. If you come across other interesting things I would be quite ready to pay, although maybe not as much as 20 dollars each, but I understand that you must cover your expense.
    And the international shipping is terrfici :)

  12. @9 from Beanbean: Thanks for the info on the Michael’s coupons!

  13. @10 from cayenne sea: Thanks for the excellent store info for readers in Canada! Really helpful.

  14. @12 from Jessica: Honestly, this is an exception for me — I have no plans to sell bento stuff directly other than when I stumble across the rare Lock & Lock bento sets. If I got too busy with direct sales, I wouldn’t have enough time for quality blog posts, which is what I’m focused on.

  15. @15 Biggie, yeah, I can imagine the work. Since many bento suppliers don’t offer international shipping one can only hope that someone at amazon or ebay but at less the cost will.

  16. We just used the one you sent us (not the first time) for Kairi’s first day of preschool, it worked wonderfully, and I was pleased as a parent not sending packaged food for my kid. We only used one tier (the nondivided one) and a rubbermaid plastic juice box.

  17. Here’s the link to the QVC Lock & Lock lunch kits. Not as good, IMHO, because they don’t have the dividers.

  18. @17 from Jessica: Ah good, then you won’t be disappointed when I don’t! ;-)

  19. @18 from Monica: Hey, that’s great! Yes, I like the flexibility of these boxes — I can use one tier for a preschooler or both tiers for an adult.

  20. Where and how possible to buy this lunch set. I can’t find it anywhare.

  21. @23 from Irina: Depends on where you are. I’ve seen them online in Australia and Korea, but not in the U.S. They’re actually surprisingly rare here in the States.

  22. @22 from Biggie: The product number on QVC is K8638. If you just do a search for lock&lock, it should come up in the list of products.

  23. @25 from Marya: Okay, I found it — thanks. Looks big, and not as attractive as the versions I’ve found locally. Too bad; I’m sure folks would be happy to find a dependable online source.


  25. @27 from Jakkerak: This is great for readers in Australia! Home Couture sells/ships a variety of the Lock & Lock bento & multi-person picnic sets within Australia (unfortunately not to countries outside Australia). Thanks for the link, Jakkerak.

  26. This one seems to have international shipping.

  27. @29 from Jakkerak: Perfect. And these have the good insulated cases, too!

  28. good

  29. I love locknlock, it’s exactly what i wanted before,,its perfect airtightness makes it possible to cary on the picinic. I’m planning to buy some more in nearby stores..excellent!!

  30. I want one~ so sad. There are no good sources for anything here in the Caribbean. I’m lucky if any websites ship to me. ho hum

  31. @33 from Mimi: Good luck finding these; I haven’t seen any since. Sorry not to be more help!

  32. @34 from Biggie: No worries. I make do with what I have and it seems good so far. I just like the options. You did inspire me to search, however, and has a bunch of lock&lock things, but only one with built in dividers and not NEARLY as cute. I will find one though! :D

  33. These sets are available in T&T Supermarkets in Ontario.

  34. I’ve seen these lately in my local stores, so maybe they were just waiting for the school season to roll around again.

  35. @38 from bingky: Ooh, this comment slipped by me! I didn’t know about the new L&L thermal bento sets — thanks for the heads up! Will have to check those out.

  36. Hi Biggie! No problem :-) I’m not surprised; this is one of your older posts. (I just had to read through your entire archives as I could get enough!)

  37. I saw Lock & Lock boxes in all shapes and sizes at this Asian covenience store in NYC. It is called M2M and it was the East Village location. I didn’t see any of the lunch sets though. But there were boxes with dividers.

  38. @43 from Ellen: Thanks for the heads up for NYC locals, Ellen! This sort of info would be perfect for a comment on the store’s entry in the Bento Store Locator if you have a chance.

  39. Heads up! QVC dot com has the blue Lock and Lock lunch kit on sale for $14.93 plus s/h.

  40. @45 from notmarcia: Thanks for the tip, notmarcia! Would you happen to have a link? If so, feel free to post — people are really on the lookout for these lunch sets.

  41. The link breaks for the lunch sets. Sorry. Just go to and type “Lock and Lock” into their search bar. The lunch set appears on the first results page.

    They have a special going: “Order one of this item at the current price and get $3.00 off each additional quantity AND save on Standard S&H,” which is $5.72. Two sets comes out to $35.44 total. Three comes out to $50.23. And so on…

  42. I have the smaller sets for sale on my website now at A HREF=””>Petit Tableau

    Right now, the blue one is the only one I have pictured but there is a lime green one available as well!

  43. Argh, I goofed on the html on my previous post! Sorry, here it is again.

  44. Thanks, Cayenne Sea, for indicating that Lock & Lock could be had at Zeller’s in Calgary. I bought a few Lock & Lock containers at the Signal Hill Zeller’s about two weeks ago — not the ‘set’ as featured here, but useful just the same. Today’s picnic adventure — Sandy Beach by bike !

  45. Kukje Supermarket in Daly City has the Lock & Lock Lunch Sets back in stock and I love ‘em. This time the zippered bag comes in red/pink/tan or blue/turquoise/tan stripes and is insulated. The food containers are red or blue according to the bag color.

    There is also a slightly smaller version that does not have the drink container. I prefer the larger bag because I can leave the bottle at home and put in a piece of fruit, a musubi, or a small snack container.

    I bought the smaller one in blue for DH, but it wasn’t quite enough food for him. I ended packing my red/pink one for him. Good thing that he isn’t a color-phobe. ^_^

  46. Hi! I live in Hong Kong and have bought the same set of lunch box (in blue) for my son two years ago. It is a very good set and I can put three differrent dishes in the box and they will not mix together!

    Afterwards, I cannot find this set of box again though searching were made in some big department store. I would like to buy a set to replace the old one, and may I know if stock will be available now and what will be the price(with shipment to Hong Kong), please.

    Thanks a lot!

  47. HI! I just stumbled across your blog while shopping for Lock & Lock products. I love them too! Just wanted to share that they are offering $5 off if you become a fan on Facebook. Plus you also get free shipping if you spend $29.99 or more.