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Posted on Aug 16, 2007 in admin, Equipment | 0 comments

Back to school bento in the news


With the school season upon us, packed lunches are in the spotlight. It looks like the media is starting to pick up on the bento-style lunch trend.

1. Kids’ bento-style lunches in Texas

The Dallas Morning News ran an article about bento-style lunches for children, with food ideas and shopping resources that readers might find helpful. Pictured is Shannon Carino (and her children), a contributor to the online Bentolunch community on LiveJournal, with a bento blog at Congratulations on the article, Shannon!

2. The latest gear

The Associated Press also has an article about the latest lunch containers for the back-to-school season, with information on all of the different gear out there: food jars, lunch boxes, insulated lunch bags, thermal lunch jars, bento boxes, Laptop Lunchboxes — you name it. Have a look.

3. Bento in general

Texas newspaper The Monitor tells us about bento lunches in this article quoting Kim McFarland of My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch! blog fame (and co-moderator of the Bentolunch community on LiveJournal). Way to go!


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