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Posted on Jul 31, 2007 in Equipment, SF Bay Area Local, Shopping | 15 comments

Shop: Daiso opens store in San Jose


Bay Area readers will be happy to hear that Daiso, a Japanese dollar store with branches internationally, has opened a new store in San Jose’s Eastridge Mall selling cheap bento and household goods. Evidently it’s smaller than the Daly City branch in Serramonte Mall, but it’s a lot closer for South Bay folks. The San Jose store’s grand opening was July 28, so expect crowds. Shout out to reader Lynne and LJ user sw33ts0rr0w for pointing this out!

Eastridge Mall, San Jose, CA 95122
(Daiso website in English)
Newly opened branch of Japanese dollar store (okay, $1.50 store). The Daly City branch has a selection of cheap bento boxes, accessories, antibacterial bento sheets and food cups, freezer containers, cooking equipment, metal bento boxes, mini microwave steamers, stovetop fish/veggie grills, home products, dishes, hobby gear, children’s toys and books in Japanese, etc.

Ichiban Kan update:
In other news, I stopped by the Ichiban Kan dollar store in San Francisco’s Japantown today and asked them a little more about anticipated shipping policies for their online store to open in November 2007 (details in my original post here). They said they’re still planning the details: shipping within the U.S. is definitely fine, but no decision yet on international.



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  1. They’re opening up a DAISO in San Diego! Yay!

    “We are planning to open San Diego store.
    Hopefully non-food section will be open in August 2007 and food section will be in late this year.
    We will put our upcoming store information at”

  2. Thank you for the information. My 16 year old daughter is on her way to San Jose right now from Texas. I’ve asked her to go to the store and call me…we’ll figure out things that way. I’m so excited!!

  3. @1 from Anna:
    I’m a little confused — what’s the connection between Daiso and Marukai? Maybe it’s obvious; help me understand?

  4. @2 from Bonnie:
    Excellent timing, then — wonderful!

  5. @3 from Biggie:

    I answered via email instead posting, so here’s my answer again:

    i’m not sure…i read about the Daiso/Marukai store opening on another blog that i read…

    here’s the link to the blog entry that mentions the store:

    There’s a pic of the store and it says “Daiso/Marukai”. Maybe it’ll be a combination type store, like a super Walmart? Groceries and goods?

    did i get too excited too quickly?

  6. “I’m a little confused — what’s the connection between Daiso and Marukai? Maybe it’s obvious; help me understand?”

    Apparently they are owned by the same parent company in Japan.

  7. @6 from Valerie: Ah, so that’s it! Thanks for the clarification, Valerie.

  8. There’s a new Daiso in Union City (this is from the Daiso website - stores link):

    Name: EL Mercado
    Address: 1785 Decoto Rd Union City, CA
    Floor area: 17,760ft2
    Opened: 2007 August 8

    We’re going today. I saw a review here (sorry, I’m not good at links):

  9. I heard the Mountain View location just opened Monday. 505 Showers Ave. Mountain view, near El Camino and San Antonio. I know where I’ll be buying way too much stuff!

  10. @8 from Jennifer: Thanks for the info, Jennifer! I’ll do a Daiso store roundup.

  11. @9 from freecia: Thanks for the info on the Mountain View location, freecia! I’ll do a Daiso store roundup entry.

  12. Does anyone know if the Mtn view is open for sure?

  13. Too cool! I’ll be able to hit up the Daiso-Murakai in San Diego in December and one of the Bay Area ones in April. Unelss SWA hits me with a too-good-to-pass-up fare for the weekend of Nov 17th (annual Pigeon Point lighting) then I’ll be going to the Bay Area in November instead.

  14. @13 from Brenda: Enjoy your bento shopping sprees! Much more fun when you don’t have to pay through the nose for everything…

  15. daiso is a kawaii store and its very cheap and affordable. i love going to the daiso.