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Posted on Jun 2, 2007 in admin | 22 comments

Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the new site!


I’ve finally created my own website, and have moved the content of my old LiveJournal blog here. This move will help me present information in a more organized fashion, helping you all find what you’re looking for. Highlights include:

  • Top Speed Tips page with an organized overview of my top speed bento tips (not just the ones in the LJ sidebar)
  • Search box in the upper right hand corner
  • Sub-categories that sort entries by container type, dietary type, post type and main ingredient
  • Easier ways for non-LJ users to subscribe to my RSS feed and bookmark the site
  • Expandable archives for an at-a-glance view of past posts
  • Ability of all users to add their website info in the comments without needing to create an account on LJ or WordPress
  • The shopping page with links to multiple stores with lunch packing gear and my opinionated shopping guide

This is a work in progress, though. I’m still working on:

  • Comments formatting. One thing I like about the LiveJournal platform is the community-like feel of the threaded comments with avatars/icons. I’m experiencing temporary issues with font size on threaded comments and avatars on the new site, though, so I’ve reverted to non-threaded comments until this can be fixed. Stay tuned. I exported all comments on the old posts to the new site, but wasn’t able to get them to thread. This affects only old comments, not new.
  • A speedy lunch prep FAQ, organized packing tips and additional resources

I’ll continue to keep my LiveJournal blog up for past entries, but you’ll want to update your links to point to the new site for my new blog entries and full resources. I’ll post regular summaries to the LJ blog with links back to, but LJ users can also keep up with my entries via your Friends Page by friending my syndicated feed here: [info]lunch_in_a_box Other readers can subscribe to my feed by clicking the Subscribe button at the top of the middle column. I’m continuing to use the WordPress equivalent of an LJ-cut (“Read More”), though, so you may need to click through to read the entire entry.

What do you think? Is there something about the new site that’s a deal breaker for you? Do you wish there were something else, or is it too cluttered? I’d love to hear your thoughts, complaints and wishes as we start this transition!



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  1. This looks terrific!! Comments are better for those that don’t wish to start a livejournala-account (I have too many accounts and passwords already - I will soon begin to try tapping in a pin-code on the microwave ;) ).
    And the format with FAQ is also nice.

    • Just FYI on LiveJournal - if the blog owner has anonymous commenting allowed, you don’t have to start an account at all. :) Of course, that’s not really relevant here, but I thought you might like to know.

      • Yes, I know that and I have made a few comments. What I meant is that since I blog myself I don’t like making semi-anynomous comments even if you identify yourself clearly in the “anonymous” comment. With this setting your comments are clearly identifiable and the id follows with you. Hence, and since I link to this site, any questions about whos who should evaporate if you use that function.
        I could have started a livejournal ccount I guess, but I have too many accounts all over already.

        • Ahhh, I see. I know the feeling - I’d forget half the places I’ve signed up on if it weren’t for e-mail account verifications.

  2. FAQ WILL be nice.

  3. Biggie, this is fantastic. I could say loads more but wont, well done it looks brilliant. Amanda

  4. i adored your blog and check religiously for packing tips! however, i am not a fan of the new colour scheme… something about the layout, despite its minimalist nature, is very distracting.

    anyway, i will continue to read about your bentos! thanks for always being so thorough in your descriptions of bento packing and food preparation.

    • Jasmine, is this layout any better?

  5. Looks good. :) For some reason, I think your pictures look better.

  6. I love your archives! I’ve been looking for something similar but can’t find one. Are you using a plug-in for it?

    Also, will you be updating your ss_biggie LJ account or should I just grab your RSS feed?

  7. Thanks Jessica! Good point on the FAQ — in the end it’ll probably save me time. On the list it goes!

  8. Thanks Amanda! So many links to change now, though…

  9. Jasmine, thank you for your frankness — I appreciate the feedback. I was really focusing on content so I chose a theme that had all the functionality I was looking for, not the prettiest one. As I learn more about WordPress & HTML, I hope to customize the look more. If you can put your finger on it, I’d be curious about what you find distracting — it’ll help me with a fix.

  10. Michelle> Hmm, interesting take. Thanks for the feedback!

  11. Hey Kaoko!! Welcome! The expandable archive plug-in is SRG Clean Archives by Geek with a Laptop, and the drop-down archive box (bottom right corner) is the Drop-down Archive Widget by Alan Morgan. I’m pleased with them, especially the expandable one.

    In the end you might want to grab my RSS feed as it’ll get you my updates faster. I’ll try to put a summary in my LJ blog for each entry (that’ll point here), but if I’m busy there could be a delay.

  12. hi
    for forming your own web site its great its easily to log on to you wonderful site.
    i am your regular reader who is gets inspired with your lunch boxes .
    you do a great job with your boxes and the photos they are so real and lively.
    will read your blog regularly

  13. very nice site! i’m one of your silent stalkers on lj, btw

  14. Love the categories, etc. but I’m really missing the fun and graphics of the old site. To be honest, this feels very generic…

    • Reese, what do you think of this new theme? Any better?

  15. Omedeto Biggie!
    This is really cool, even more organized.

  16. I just had an idea, although I have no idea if it’s something you’d want to bother with (or if others would also find it useful) - what about a set of lists for goshiki food items you use commonly?

    Sometimes I’ll be staring into the fridge, just stuck for ideas for a food coloured ‘X’ and not realise what I can use without prompting.

    (This is the nice thing about Forbidden Rice - not only does it taste good, it takes care of kuro very easily!)

    It kinda goes parallel to your list of gap-filler foods.

    • Good idea. A lot of my Japanese bento cookbooks have sections that list the dishes by color for just that reason. Very handy.