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Posted on Jun 28, 2007 in Equipment, SF Bay Area Local, Shopping | 6 comments

Updates: Site & shopping

Updates: Site & shopping


1. Egg molds on sale at Williams Sonoma (price cut to US$10) and WalMart (for $5!)Barnyard Snack Bento for Toddler

The animal-shaped ice cream sandwich molds that I jury-rigged into egg molds (and onigiri molds, cookie cutters, etc. — full info and tutorial here) are back in Williams Sonoma stores and are currently on sale for $10 (down from $14 — so no shipping charges if you have a store near you). This makes them cheaper than on Amazon! (UPDATE: The folks on the LJ bentolunch community point out that these are also available at Walmart for US$5 for two!! They have two sets: the cow and the pig, or a heart (with an “XO”) and a “squircle” — square-circle.)

2. Site update

I recently fixed the blog font that has been giving some readers problems, and disabled nested comments that blocked the content for some. At this point I’ll be sticking with regular-style comments (not threaded) to avoid similar compatibility issues, so if you’re responding to a particular comment you’ll want to call the poster out by name in your comment. Please feel free to let me know of any site issues you’re experiencing either in a comment or by e-mail to lunchinabox AT gmail DOT com. (EDIT: Thanks to reader sff_corgi for the snazzy new header!!)

3. San Francisco: Ichiban Kan has new character bento goods section!

Ichiban Kan (Japanese dollar store in San Francisco’sMolds for hard-boiled eggs Japantown — info here) now has an all-new children’s bento goods section with a substantial selection of character goods, all between US$1 and $1.50. Characters include Hello Kitty, Shinkansen, Cinnamaroll, PokeMon, etc. Products include food cups, chopsticks/case, utensil sets (for only $1.50!), food dividers (baran), bamboo utensils, silicone-coated food cups, kinchaku lunch bags, lunch cloths (use as a napkin or to wrap bento lunches), etc. They also just got in a new shipment of the egg molds on the right (two for $1.50), so pick them up while they’re in stock! I led the Japanese moms from Japanese playgroup there yesterday and we had a shopping extravaganza for kid bento stuff…

4. San Francisco: Sanrio store at Stonestown Mall has character bento boxes

I realize I omitted the Sanrio Store at Stonestown Mall from the SF Bay Area Bento Shopping Guide. They have a pretty good selection of good-quality character bento boxes and accessories at normal prices ($10 range). Characters include Hello Kitty, Shinkansen, and Cinnamaroll; products include good-quality collapsible sandwich cases with movable inner divider for $8, child-sized (300-360ml) bento boxes (die-cut style with a bento band and the flap-type with silicone packing seal), utensils and utensil sets that include bamboo chopsticks. I’ll be updating the shopping guide shortly.

(Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Williams Sonoma, Ichiban Kan or Sanrio.)



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  1. Thanks for the update on Ichiban , biggie. I had to go up Geary for work tomorrow anyway to get something, so I’ll stop by and check it out. I was there last week and they didn’t have those character bentos , but they had the rainbow pooh ones still. I’ll have to check out the others.

  2. Through July 4, 2007, here’s a sale at the William-Sonoma factory oulet store in Leesburg, Virginia. I got the same ice cream molds 3-pack for only $4.99 this past Saturday (June 23, 2007).

    Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets, 241 Fort Evans Rd, NE, Leesburg, VA 20176. Phone: 703-443-9259

    If you have a W-S outlet store near you, they also may have the special going on. No relationship between them and me — just took my wife out there and spotted the molds.

  3. I just can’t help myself to think about just HOW japanese it is to have something like egg molds like a regular item.
    This said, I miss having a good quality japanese or asian store close to where I live, plus that the eggs are sooooo cool :).

  4. Summers> You know, I wasn’t that impressed with the quality of the flaps on the Pooh box when I was there (after having so many flaps break on me last month). But for about $1, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. To be clear, they don’t have character boxes, just character bento accessories.

  5. Good tip, Great Stone Face, thanks!!!

  6. thanks for the tip about the “egg molds” at W.S. i completely forgot i wanted to get some lol ^_^