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Posted on Apr 12, 2007 in admin | 15 comments

Nominate yourself! Blogger’s Choice Awards


I figured out what’s up with the Blogger’s Choice Awards. The reason why the vegans are so strong in the voting is that one of their top food blogs pointed out that you can vote for multiple food blogs (not just one), and that you can (and should) nominate your own food blog. So they’re out there en masse, supporting all of the vegan food blogs.

The larger lunch-packing community can do the same: if you want to, nominate all of the lunch blogs you think should be there, and then go vote for as many as you like. Your favorite blog not there? Take matters into your own hands! Comment on this thread and let us know if there’s a new lunch blog nom that we should know about. Let’s even the playing field and have our voices heard!

The following lunch blogs have been nominated:

  • Lunch in a Box: Building a Better Bento (this blog)
  • My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch
  • Vegan Lunch Box
  • Vegan Lunchcast
  • What’s for Lunch Honey?

(Oct. 2007 update: Open voting has closed with Lunch in a Box in 4th place. Thank you!)



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  1. I’m not too fond of the vegan bentos, but I do love yours and the my lunch site has some good ideas. Good luck! ♥

  2. Ah looks like competition is actually pretty tough. I am no vegan, and I really like your blog. Best of luck!

  3. i simply love your blog and lurk my head off but i HAD to go and vote for you… because your blog inspires me daily… thanks so much!!

  4. Thanks madlove! I’ll need it.

  5. Oh yeah. Thanks for the good wishes!

  6. Thank you for your vote, domesticnoise! Every one helps!

  7. I ♥ your Web site - so many fun, clever, resourceful ideas!

    Mymsie of Distracted by Something Shiny

  8. Thanks Mymsie! I’ll check your site out when I have some more time (on the road right now).

  9. Ahhh, I was wondering what was up with 6 out of the 10 top food blogs being vegan. That explains it.

    I think the Daily Tiffin is already nominated, could you add it to the list?

    And of course I could nominate my own foodblog, , but it hasn’t quite taken off from being my own personal playground yet…

  10. I really enjoy your recipes, information and most of all, those photos are amazing (and easy to replicate on one’s own!) - I voted and hope you win it!

  11. I am just catching on to the multiple voting thing. I thought voting for myself would be in bad form, and voting for others would put me further down the list.

    But you’re right. We must band together. The vegans have an advantage from so many years of organizing protests. But we have more protein in our systems.


  12. Wow, great blog, Kiki! I voted for you — lunch-packers unite!!!

  13. The Daily Tiffin is nominated as a Parenting Blog (not a food blog), so I’ll leave it off of my blog entry and just encourage people to check it out and vote for it if they like it. Blogger’s Choice Award entry here:

    I like your wererabbits blog as a way to keep track of your bento lunches — I’ve friended it so it shows up in my Friends list above (“Other Lunch Blogs”).

  14. Thank you, bibliovixen! I’m just hoping for a decent showing amidst all of the vegan blogs.

  15. Thanks Biggie for spreading the word.