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Bento & Lunch Links

Bento & Lunch Links

This is meant to be a comprehensive, organized list of packed lunch blogs and online communities. If you notice something I’ve missed or have an active packed lunch blog you feel should be included, please add a comment below.  Largely inactive or defunct blogs are in parentheses, but may have interesting archives.  (Updated: June 2014)

Video Blogs


Non-English Blogs

(Updating: June 2014)



(Currently updating: June 2014)


Non-current Lunch Blogs


Bento Sellers

(Needs updating)

  • Find stores with bento gear near you using the international Bento Store Locator (BSL) with Google Maps and user-generated store feedback. Nothing nearby? Check the list of online stores for bento gear or come back later as people add more stores to the BSL.
  • Lunch in a Box’s Amazon store showcases a variety lunch-packing products, including bento boxes, thermal jars, accessories, stylish insulated lunch bags and utensils. Purchases made through this store or my Amazon search box support the Lunch in a Box blog without any additional markup over regular Amazon prices.
  • Lunch in a Box’s San Francisco Bay Area shopping guide. I have no affiliation with any of these stores, I’m just an avid local shopper and know what I like.
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  1. Comments on this page are now open, feel free to post any additions, deletions, corrections, etc.

  2. I’m so glad you’re back!!

  3. Thanks for the updated list. It’s great as I sometimes get disappointed when a link doesn’t work anymore or a blog isn’t current. Now I just bookmark this page!

  4. This is an amazing resource! I took a long hiatus when my camera broke and…well, life happened. But I came back a few months ago with a vengeance, and I’m loving blogging my lunch every day! I don’t see Food for Dissertating on this list, so feel free to add it if you want. Meanwhile, I’ve got some blog visiting to do! Thanks for putting this together.


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