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Posted on Nov 2, 2007 in Tips | 10 comments

Just Bento: Interesting new bento blog

I came across an interesting new blog that I think Lunch in a Box readers will be interested in. Just Bento is from the creator of Japanese food blog Just Hungry, and focuses on speedy diet bentos for adults, mostly vegetarian, with recipes and tips. I especially like her graphic timelines that illustrate the recipes. I’ve seen these in Japanese-language bento cookbooks before, and they bring an easy-to-grasp glanceability to the lunch prep and packing process. Although Just Bento is new, it looks promising and I’m all in favor of her premise of speedy, streamlined bento prep of delicious food. Dig in!

Just Hungry also points out that Daiso, the big Japanese dollar store chain, will be opening a new branch in London on November 17th with Japan Centre, at 213 Piccadilly. Full details here at Just Hungry.

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  1. Awesome news about London opening! I hope they will ship around Europe. At the moment I am not packing any lunches but I enjoy reading your blog nevertheless.

  2. Thanks so much I love looking at new blogs!

  3. I’ve been a fan of Just Hungry for years now, and I’m excited to see her starting a new bento blog. I might have to start bento -blogging myself! :)


  4. @1 from Josie: It will be interesting to see how Daiso adapts to the European market. They don’t ship directly in the U.S…. (and thanks for the kind words!)

  5. @2 from natesgirl: My pleasure, natesgirl!

  6. @3 from sea: Let me know if you do start a bento blog and I’ll update my links page — a gluten-free bento blog could be fun! I know you’re already aware that my husband’s earlier misdiagnosis with celiac disease and subsequent 9-month gluten-free diet was the reason I rediscovered bento lunches… More power to you!

  7. Came across your blog a little over a month ago while trying to find the cheapest place to buy the Laptop Lunchbox. Have been having fun reading ever since. It’s very nicely done; good pictures, great details. I’m currently going through the archives in my spare time.

    You’ve got me hooked. Went shopping today, and now own two Lock n’ Lock containers. :) I’m kind of improvising the rest for monetary reasons though (college student). I bought these little metal tart cups for making mini muffins – they were only 29 cents each instead of the $8+ for a muffin tin. They might work better – they have scalloped edges so should be prettier. We’ll see.

    Question though – I saw these “perfect cube ice cube trays” (they’re on Amazon if you search – made by Tovolo)- do you think they would work to try to make rice cubes? It’s silicone, so theoretically they’ll just pop out, right? Not as cute as your little rice cube maker, but the cute Japanese things on ebay will kill a budget quick. So far resisting the temptations. :)

  8. @7 from Midknyt: I have seen people using silicone ice cube trays for interestingly shaped onigiri (a la rice cubes), although I haven’t experimented with them myself yet. In theory, they should work just fine! When I have rice next I’ll try it out with the cheap silicone ice cube trays I got from Ikea and report back on any blips…

  9. We visited the Japan Centre in London for lunch a few years ago. Great food and a fun place! After lunch, while my sons were rummageing through the bookshelves for manga, I used the Internet connection upstairs to check my e-mail.

  10. @10 from Great Stone Face: Let us know if you go again — I’d be interested in hearing about how it’s changed!