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Posted on Oct 10, 2007 in SF Bay Area Local, Shopping | 18 comments

Daiso opens in Mountain View after delay

I’ve confirmed that the Daiso store in Mountain View, CA finally opened on Monday, October 8 after a two-week delay. Reader Freecia checked it out and says they have a number of cheap bento boxes (both one-tier and two-tier) available.

Daiso (Mountain View)
550 Showers Ave. #1, Mountain View, CA, 94040 (near El Camino and San Antonio)
(650) 947-9320

Freecia notes: “Location is near Trader Joe’s, in the complex to the right of TJ, before the 24 Hour Fitness. For those who know the complex, a hobby shop used to be in that space. The shopping complex is maze-like and Daiso can’t be seen from the street.”

Daiso has a selection of cheap bento boxes, accessories, antibacterial bento sheets and food cups, freezer containers, cooking equipment, metal bento boxes, mini microwave steamers, stovetop fish/veggie grills, home products, dishes, hobby gear, children’s toys and books in Japanese, etc.


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  1. Oh, I’m so jealous. I have yet to drive up into WA to go to a Daiso, but it’s got to happen soon. Is there someplace I can beg for one to open in Portland?

  2. Now if only their website sold the 90,000+ items they claim… That would be awesome!

  3. YAAAAAAAAAAY! I’m gooooooooooing… tomorrow! ;) By any chance would you have any idea how big the MV Daiso is? Well.. I guess I will see for myself tomorrow. Thanks again for the info Biggie!

  4. That’s funny. I was just in the Lynnwood Daiso over the weekend doing some restocking of my kitchen.

  5. I am so jealous I wish I could get to one!!!!

  6. @1 from Devlyn: I wonder if they’ll open in Portland — it’s still West Coast, near a port for sea freight…

  7. @3 from FUYU: Sorry, I don’t know the square footage, it’s not up on their website yet. Let us know how huge/small you find it! :-)

  8. @4 from Jeff: Daiso lovers, unite!

  9. @6 from Sophie: I’ve got a post on how to use ice cream sandwich molds as hard-boiled egg molds here.

    The comments section has pretty extensive troubleshooting and Q&A. Key point: mold them while the egg is still HOT.

  10. @5 from natesgirl: Sorry, natesgirl, I don’t want to make people jealous, but I’m trying to weigh that with what kind of info is useful to local readers. Sorry!

  11. LOL! it’s ok I love all the info you post your site is Very informative I will have to plan vacations around daiso stores

  12. I got to visit briefly – ironically it opened that Sunday, and my wife and I had tried to go Saturday.

    It seemed pretty nice. Saw several bentos and useful equipment like cups, plus quite a lot of other gear.

  13. @13 from DragonScholar: How big would you say it felt? Comparable to Daly City and Union City? A lot smaller?

  14. We went to pay a visit! It’s not as big as the Daiso in Daly City, but it’s definately bigger than the one in Eastridge Mall.

    The bento box selection is bigger (than Eastridge) too– I’d say about the amount Daly City has, but they were lacking in bento goods. I only found two types of baran for example. They had lots of different sizes for okazu cups though.

  15. I’ve never been to one before so I can’t really comment. I agree with FUYU that they had a lot of nice components, but fewer bentos than I expected (I did see some “old school” ones on another display).

  16. @15 from FUYU: Thanks for the informative feedback!

  17. @16 from DragonScholar: Now I’m curious as to what you consider an “old school” bento box! :-)

  18. Anybody know what time they close on sundays?