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Posted on Oct 10, 2006 in For Kids, Vegetarian | 8 comments

Birthday cupcake

Birthday cupcake

This is usually a bento blog, but I’m taking a quick break to post my son’s birthday cupcakes. This is my first venture into baking cupcakes — I usually cook, not bake. Anyway, I think they came out fine. They’re a spiced sour cream cupcake with pandan-flavored buttercream icing; blue to go with the Blues’ Clues theme.

Birthday cupcakes

Here’s the birthday boy looking apprehensive, but he was actually quite jazzed about the cupcakes.

Birthday cupcakes & birthday boy


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  1. awww! He’s adorable! I love the stacked cupcakes idea for a cake, too.

  2. Your son sure is adorable! I especially love the animal-paw design on the cupcakes, they’re beautiful. Hope it was a great party!

  3. You did a great job with them!

  4. Thanks! Yeah, the cupcakes were more work up front, but much easier to pass out to little hands at the party.

  5. Thank you! The paw prints tie in with the “Blue’s Clues” theme — on this educational TV show for preschoolers, the children look for “clues” shaped like pawprints in order to solve a puzzle.

  6. Thanks! I guess my cupcake days have officially begun!

  7. Its soo cute he looks totally scared, guess he was expecting a bento box!

  8. How do you make the pandan flavored buttercream? We use pandan flavoring for jellos and cakes too.