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Posted on Jul 13, 2006 in Bento, Eggs, For Kids, Meat, Rice | 2 comments

Kimchi spam fried rice

Kimchi spam fried rice

No bells and whistles today, just flavor and comfort food. Fried rice with kimchi, spam, carrots, orange bell pepper, enoki mushrooms and onions, plus a snack container of blueberries.

Kimchi spam fried rice

My toddler son’s bento is below — it’s the same as my husband’s, but everything is cut up very small so my he doesn’t choke. Packed in my small 240ml Asvel bento box.

Kimchi spam fried rice


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  1. mmm.. kimchi!! :D

  2. Hi there, do you have a recipe for this? I love kimchi and would like to try this out. Thank you in advance! :)